My Case to HODL this new Crypto Asset Class!

HODL or Day Trade, what should you do? The better question would be which one are you more successful? For me that’s easy to hold, have never been good at timing the market or trade, but some are right!


One of the top obvious reasons to day trade is to buy low and sell high taking some profits. Have a friend that is great at this and increases his holdings most of the time, but it’s not for me.

I am no financial adviser, just exploring ways to build future wealth for my family.

Also with day trading, you do not really care about the asset, just how it’s moving in the market, no falling in love!

Nasdaq adds XRP Ticker

Here is an article on 9 rules of Crypto trading, good luck if your a day jockey the markets can swing bigger than traditional stock markets.


HODL is more my speed with swing trading sometimes to take profits, but I usually regret not keeping my assets, because this new asset class is just forming with so much room to grow!

I believe Warren Buffet once stated ” Holding quality assets long term is the only real strategy that works” I’m sure day traders would disagree!

This HODL strategy does make me do more research, looking for those quality assets, teams, and use cases. Holding for me keeps the FOMO, exchange fees, and tax down to a minimum.

Another great article on medium with many charts showing just how early the cryptocurrency market really is and the growth yet to see!


What do you think HODL, Day Trade or maybe both! Thanks for reading this far and have a great day.



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